• Introducing oil today. Just 1tsp so barely any, but hey it’s not steamed veggies anymore!

  • Today’s dinner. Chicken was rubbed with Herbes de Provence this time. Also more fresh kimchi.

  • Been getting a lot of practice writing TypeScript over the past few days. I certainly wouldn’t want to replace app development with this, but for webdev stuff it’s actually really nice!

  • Just released Tomorrowland v0.3.0. Not a whole lot here, mostly just some conveniences.

    Tomorrowland is a lightweight implementation of Promises for Swift and Objective-C.

  • I’ve got some sort of stomach bug today, so Jane picked up some ginger ale from Whole Foods for me.

    It’s not the brand I’m used to, and I’ve barely had any sugar for 4 months, but is it just me or is it crazy sweet? I could barely drink it.

  • Verdict: cold tofu with kimchi actually works really well.

  • Tonight’s dinner is tofu and kimchi. I’ll probably try pan-frying the tofu next time but I wanted to see what this simple version was like first.

  • Repeating a meal, though this time the chicken was rubbed with Spike.

  • Brent Simmons on why micro.blog is not another App.net inessential.com

  • That was my school by @me1000

  • Meal #7. 150 calories of shrimp is a lot! Got some sriracha for it. Also more kimchi and some sautéed cauliflower blossoms.

  • Over the past few days I’ve been seeing these fat red electric bikes. Turns out they’re JUMP Bikes and it’s a new bikeshare program.

    Signing up for it now, I’m rather amused that my recent weight loss has put me just 2 pounds under the maximum limit for these bikes.

  • Meal #6. Fresh kimchi plus super-fermented kimchi. Also some dried fish & veggies 반찬.

  • Meal #5. Southwest chipotle seasoning on the chicken (though not enough) and some cucumber kimchi. 🍽

  • Adding some kimchi to today’s meal. Yum!

  • Meal #3. Sashimi from the local amazing sushi place, plus steamed cauliflower. No wasabi or soy sauce of course, but the sashimi doesn’t need it anyway. Cauliflower is an odd pairing but I can’t eat anything that would actually be appropriate with sashimi.

  • Meal #2. This time with a bit of lemon on the chicken.

    I can’t wait until I can actually add oil or fat or carbs or anything.

  • Trying to post something every day (that’s not a @-reply) is hard.

  • My first bite of real food in 3.5 months. Sous vide chicken w/salt and pepper and steamed broccoli. Extremely minimalistic and yet divine.

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