• The real measurement for my weight loss is the number of links I’ve taken off of my Apple Watch link bracelet.

  • Really bummed to hear the news about the Black Pixel layoffs. Best wishes to everyone now looking for a new job!

  • The original Bonjour Browser used a program written in Haskell to scrape the dns-sd.org service type registry (to get those human-readable service names).

    The iOS version rewrote that in Go.

    For the new Mac version I’ve now rewritten it once again in Rust, partially because I don’t want to depend on Go (as I don’t use it anymore), and partially just as an excuse to try out hyper and tokio.

  • It feels strange to be working on a Mac app again (rewriting Bonjour Browser) after a decade (!!) of iOS. Though I do appreciate how much faster it is to launch a build.

  • Oh wow, the original Bonjour Browser project is so old it has a configuration called Development (Zero Link). Anyone remember “zero link”?

  • Is it just me, or is Slack becoming even more buggy over time?

    For example, I used to never see the “you’ve found a glitch” screen in the Mac app. Now I see it all the time. I just relaunched Slack and every single team except the active one became a “glitch”.

  • Dammit. Uber acquires bike-share startup JUMP. I thought JUMP was pretty cool and was planning on starting to switch my commute to using it. Guess I’m not doing that anymore.

  • 6 hours in and Ni No Kuni 2 is exceeding my expectations. Fantastic game. If you have a PS4 you should pick this one up.

  • iOS 11.3 is out, along with Xcode 9.3 and whatever else is going along with this (macOS release?)

  • It’s a few months old, but The Last Jedi Isn’t for the Fans is a really great analysis of The Last Jedi and makes a bunch of great points I hadn’t considered before.

  • Before I started working at Twitch, I never watched any streamers. Now I watch Twitch streams almost every day (usually while working). I don’t know what took me so long to start doing this.

  • Forgot to get a picture of it, but FedEx just delivered 10 very heavy boxes for me to the wrong address. My wife and I had to move them, in the rain, while watching a baby, and it was only through the kindness of a passerby that we managed.

    Friends don’t let friends use FedEx.

  • This is what iTunes showed me today in the For You section.

  • Finally got my new license plate.

  • Finally saw Black Panther today, and it was incredible. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and go watch it, ideally in IMAX.

  • TIL that recent iOS processors use 16kb pages instead of 4kb pages.

    A7- and A8-based systems expose 16-kilobyte pages to the 64-bit userspace backed by 4-kilobyte physical pages, while A9 systems expose 16-kilobyte pages backed by 16-kilobyte physical pages.

  • Baby Groot’s full name should be Groot Grootson.

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