• I just learned about __auto_type. How did I miss this before?


  • I’ve lost 64lbs over the past 16 weeks. Tomorrow I get my first bite of real food again. Still need to lose another 36lbs but I’m feeling so much better now than I was when I started.

  • I just published Tomorrowland v0.2.0. The big change here is the .linkCancel option is gone, in favor of automatic cancellation propagation. If all of a Promise’s observers are cancelled, the Promise will be cancelled too (assuming it’s no longer in scope).

  • According to the security update it looks like Apple backported the Meltdown fix to macOS Sierra 10.12.6.

  • PSA: Xcode 9’s new build system is not compatible with Analyze During ‘Build’ (RUN_CLANG_STATIC_ANALYZER) if your project contains both Obj-C and Swift.

  • It’s Micro Monday. I assume y’all are already following @brentsimmons, but if not, you should.

  • Heading home again from LA. The 5 was completely stopped for a while because someone spilled cement (I assume bagged, though I didn’t see it) but we’re finally on our way again

  • Watching my wife eat this delicious ramen, when all I get is 160 calories of Optifast chocolate shake 😭

  • Finally figured out how to zoom in on micro.blog images. Long-press on it.

  • Driving down to L.A. now (well, my wife is driving). Second L.A. trip within a month and I can’t eat any food thanks to my diet 😭

    On the bright side, I’ve lost 61lbs in 15 weeks! (Don’t worry, it’s medically-monitored)

  • I’m glad I don’t commute down to Cupertino anymore. The ride’s about to get longer as busses are rerouted due to someone shooting at them. To everyone riding the Apple busses, stay safe! mashable.com/2018/01/1…

  • Just published the v0.1 release of my new Promises framework for Swift/Obj-C - github.com/kballard/…

  • Trying out a hosted micro.blog.

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