• PMJSON v3.0 is out. This adds support for Codable and implementations of Swift.Encoder and Swift.Decoder.

  • Today I learned how to prep pork tenderloin.

  • Leftover meatloaf made by the incomparable Rob Marini. Ketchup(-based glaze) is a vegetable, right?

  • Success.

  • I have a real gourmet lunch today.

  • My wife is having lots of trouble using Twitter because of people tweeting the character crashing bug. Yet another reason why I’m happy I quit Twitter ages ago 🙂

  • Ok that’s cool. If I switch iTunes over to remote-controlling my HomePod, the media keys on my keyboard affect the HomePod.

  • Valentine’s Day dinner with my wife.

  • I think we have too many HomePods in this apartment…

    Sound menu

    (I only own one of them; the rest are the consequences of living with an Apple employee)

  • Why does Google Meet require Chrome? I thought Google was supposed to at least pretend to care about the open web. “Don’t be evil” was always a joke, but have they actually officially abandoned it?

  • The real measure of my weight loss is the fact that I’ve removed 3 links from my Apple Watch link bracelet.

  • I didn’t even know half pipe snowboarding was a thing until today, but watching Chloe Kim nail that back-to-back 1080° was really amazing.

  • First scrambled eggs I’ve made since I was a kid. I’m pretty sure this is better than anything I made back then.

    It’s also my entire calorie budget for the meal so I can’t add anything else. Small meal. But tasty!

  • Really stoked to see that HomePod can tell me calorie content of food. But you have to be really specific. Asking about “chicken breast” gets you the wrong answer because it averages different preparations, including fried chicken. You have to say “raw chicken breast” instead.

  • Siri can’t pronounce Pyeongchang correctly. She says it the same way Katie Couric does, which is wrong. Filed as rdar://problem/37415647.

  • NBC commentators can’t pronounce Pyeongchang correctly. My wife has been bitching about it all day. I like to pretend they’re trying to say P.F. Chang’s instead.

  • Shrimp with old bay seasoning again, and delicious fresh kimchi.

  • Introducing oil today. Just 1tsp so barely any, but hey it’s not steamed veggies anymore!

  • Today’s dinner. Chicken was rubbed with Herbes de Provence this time. Also more fresh kimchi.

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